Insurance Defense Lawyers

Insurance Defense Attorney:

“Because Insurance Is Not Always Assurance”

In the beginning…

There was no need for Insurance. There was certainly no need for an Insurance Defense Attorney. That has all changed.

Insurance Companies provide security against life’s most difficult moments. But the system is always under attack. False claims are often made. Allegations and various improprieties exist. When this occurs, there is a great deal of investigation that needs to take place and legal help from a proven Insurance Defense Attorney is needed.

Allen & Thauwald is one of those firms.

Our team of experts will work with you to help resolve these matters and if needed — handle these matters in the courtroom. With decades of experience behind us, we are able to move forward and give both the companies we work for and the insured, peace of mind.

An Insurance Defense Attorney is an expert in mediation and arbitration, so every client is tailored for optimal dispute resolution. Our aim is to help both the Insured and the Insurer know what is right for them and prepare them for possible litigation proceedings even if they never come to pass.

We are known for our professionalism and rapid-resolution tactics that are always in line with the litigation budgets of our clients. We assist insurance carriers, insured parties and self-insured companies with a wide range of matters.

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Let us help you and your team ensure a smoother and safer road ahead.