Child Visitation Lawyers

Your Children Need Time With You. We Help Make That A Reality

The most painful thing is not being able to see your child.

Imagining them with the other parent and not getting to hold them is stressful. It is even more unnerving not knowing how you can ever make this happen.

If only you could put your mind at rest.

A visitation schedule that works would ease the pain. A Child Visitation Lawyer can help.

Many that are in this dilemma have no clue as to what the laws are concerning visitation rights. Without knowing what to do, they let the courts settle the matter and can end up with much less time allotted to them. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is your right to spend quality time with your child and we want you to get as much as you can.

Our consultations are 100% Free and a Child Visitation Lawyer can talk with you and help you not miss any more of your child’s life than is necessary.

They grow up so fast.

There are many aspects that affect how much time each parent spends with their child, but only an experienced family law attorney specializing in child visitation rights and child custody rights can let you know how your personal situation fits within the law. It is important to you and your child that you do not delay in seeking counsel because this is one of things that can appear as “red flag” to the judge.

A Child Visitation Lawyer can also help you in knowing other areas that will matter most to the court. Things like:

  • Living Conditions. Are they suitable?
  • Geographical Concerns. Do you live close to their school?
  • Family History and Abuse Records

Know your rights as a parent and let us help you walk through the legalities with you in a clear and understandable fashion so you don’t have to sit idly by and miss out on what matters most.

Call us and let a Child Visitation Lawyer stand by your side today.

Your child needs you to fight for them.