Environmental Lawyers

Environmental Defense:

Is Your Company Protected?

Why do you need an Environmental Defense Lawyer?

Concerned developers want to ensure their work doesn’t cause harm.

Allen & Thauwald Law Firm works hard to ensure companies are following the state and federal guidelines and we protect them in the event of litigation.

Knowing how to navigate the complexities of the increasing demand for our nation’s development while ensuring resource conservation and protection takes great care and precision. Our water, air, soil, and bodies are protected by laws (like the Clean Air and Water Pollution Act). These statutes help keep us safe from a variety of toxins.

With these laws in place, it makes doing business and avoiding litigation more complicated.

Having a lawyer on your side to help you to continue to push forward and protect you is crucial and time-saving. We watch your back and are there to defend you in court if needed.

Contact us today and we will meet to discuss your company’s needs. We can help you put into place the right policies and procedures to ensure you are able to do business — safely and securely.