Alimony Lawyers

How Much Is Too Much? Why You Need An Alimony Lawyer.

Are you considering divorce? Already in the process and have financial concerns? You may need an Alimony Lawyer.

When a couple divorces, two monetary issues are commonly raised:

– How much support will be needed for the child?
– How much will needed for the spouse?

This second is called “alimony”. The first is called “child support”. Child support is mandatory — alimony is not.

Important: Neither party should assume that the courts will institute spousal support. 

Will I receive Alimony and how much?

Depending on the situation different types of alimony may be provided: temporary, permanent or rehabilitive. Experienced Alimony lawyers can help you calculate income and collect the necessary information to determine what you need to ask for OR (if you are the one being petitioned); whether or not the ex-spouse is asking for too much. When an agreement cannot be reached, the courts decide will decide, so it’s best to have someone negotiating on your behalf prior to the hearing.

In the event that your case has to go to court, the cost can be high. It is best to have someone by your side in the beginning. An Alimony Lawyer can help you to reach a settlement that you are comfortable with as well as help you draft, apply and execute the terms and conditions of payment.

What if the ex-spouse will not pay?

If this occurs, you will need an Alimony Lawyer who can help you discern what is the right course of action. That action may be contempt of court, income withholding, garnishment or seizing of assets. Drastic measures are preventable by lawyers who have experience handling complicated situations such as these.

Our firm has the experience, skills and knowledge to help you resolve these delicate matters, but don’t delay.

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