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Houston is bustling with energy—literally. The energy-based city thrives from Nassau Bay to Kingwood, but every now and then, Houstonian businesses, families, and people like you face legal complications. That’s what Allen & Thauwald Law is here for: to protect Houston’s citizens. Here are just a few ways we can help Houston and her people.

Businesses in Houston are sometimes faced with unfamiliar legal situations.

Lawsuits, taxes, outside antagonists—even incorporation can pose potential problems for a business. Don’t waste your valuable time worrying about legal matters when Allen & Thauwald is ready to help. It’s what we’re here for.

Disappointment at a trial can be devastating…

But a Allen & Thauwald appellate lawyer can help you evaluate whether an appeal of your previous trial could work to your advantage. Let us protect you. It’s what we do.

Houston is huge, and it’s getting huger.

Development to accommodate Houston’s innumerable population has to happen, but unless you know what you’re doing, your construction work can harm the Houstonian ecosystem. Don’t hurt the wildlife or yourself. Talk to a Allen & Thauwald environmental lawyer today.

Insurance companies enable people to survive financial crises, but how do insurance companies weather their own financial storms?

They hire us. Allen & Thauwald Law Firm has worked for decades to protect insurance companies like yours. Put us to work for you.

When families are split apart, unwelcome and challenging situations arise.

Allen & Thauwald has been defending families in Houston for fifty years. We know how to deal with the legal intricacies involved in divorce, and we can take that weight off of your shoulders. Don’t try to cope with legal stress as well as emotional stress. Allen & Thauwald is here for you.

The courtroom is a dangerous place for an inexperienced defendant to navigate alone.

One wrong step, and it’s all over… so you need to be prepared in Houston courts. Allen & Thauwald employs some of the best criminal defense lawyers in East Texas. We know Houston courts and judges; that’s our job. Don’t risk your trial alone.

No one wants to deal with the legal ramifications of death.

Probate law involves lots of paperwork, research, time, and experience. When dealing with the passing on of a family member or close friend, you don’t want to substitute grieving with confused perusal of complicated procedures. And you don’t have to. Allen & Thauwald Law can aid you with legal paperwork during your time of mourning, as well as making sure that your will is really what you want it to be. Allen & Thauwald is there for you in probate law.


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