Divorce Lawyers

There Is More To A Divorce Than Just A Signature. 4 Benefits Of Obtaining A Divorce Lawyer ASAP.

“I am getting a divorce. Do I need to get a Divorce Lawyer?”

The answer is yes on multiple levels. No, we are not telling you this just because we are a law firm. A Divorce Lawyer can prove helpful on multiple levels.

Here are four benefits you may not have considered:

1.  For Assurance

An experienced Divorce Lawyer is particularly beneficial when there is a high level of anger or animosity involved. These emotions usually prevent either from reaching an agreement. In this case a lawyer can help both parties get assurance that matters are being settled by one who has no stakes in the game and knows the legal ramifications of poor decisions.

2. For Assistance

Throughout the entire process from first meeting on to settling matters after the divorce is finalized the attorney can be there to assist you on a “as needed” basis. You will need help preparing and filing with the courts all the proper documentation and paperwork such as: the summons, the complaint, motions and child custody documents/orders.

3. For Advice

Many issues will arise from dealing with bank accounts, credit cards, assets and the like. You will need to have all these financial questions answered by those who have handled these matters before.

4. For An Advocate.

Lawyers are your advocates by acting as intermediaries when dealing with conflicts during the divorce process. Conflicts over custody and property are better handled by someone acting on your behalf and far less emotional.

If you are going to file for a divorce there are also benefits of filing first. We can help you with your options. Call us for a free consultation and we will get started on your case right away.