Debt Collection Attorneys

Debt Collection: A Double Edged Sword. Don’t Let Ignorance Get You Cut.

Debt can happen to anyone. The struggle is real. You may need a Debt Collection Attorney to help.

Many debt collection agencies have trouble collecting outstanding debts and need help with ways to do this and within the confines of the law.

Whether it’s Commercial Debt Collection, Retail Debt, Medical Debt or Registration and Domestication of Foreign Judgments. A Debt Collection Attorney can help.

Maybe you are the one in debt and agencies are knocking at your door?

Let a Debt Collection Attoreny be the one to answer it.

Tired of agencies calling you at work?

Under a threat of a lawsuit by an agency?

Just need more time?

At Allen & Thauwald we are an experienced firm that works with both sides. Why does this matter? We know the ends and outs of dealing with collections regardless of the circumstances. The Law is the Law.

A Debt Collection Attorney is invaluable no matter which side of the debt you are on.

Benefits for the Collection Agency: Only a licensed Debt Collection Attorney can file a lawsuit. Only a licensed attorney can garnish wages, seek a levy on bank accounts or obtain judgment thru court systems.

Benefits for the Debtor: We can stop them showing up at your door; from making late night calls when you are with your family and  stop persistent emails. We work with you toward sanity and financial freedom.

Both parties win.

If you need help with collection or need help answering creditors. Let us know and we will put our team to work immediately for you.