CPS Lawyers

Stop The Bullying! 5 Things You Need To Know To Protect Yourself Against Child Protective Services.

First of all we are not against CPS and their role in helping the children of America.

But unfortunately not all social workers employed with them can be trusted and many times they overstep their boundaries and cross the line. You need to know what they are and when you can “legally” push back and an experienced CPS Lawyer can help.

1. Don’t just let them in.

If a social worker comes knocks on your door, politely ask them for their badge number and if they have a warrant or court order in hand to investigate your home. They may threaten you or speak harshly. Be calm and tell them that the 4th amendment protects you from unwarranted search and seizure.

If they do force their way in, do not resist them and remain polite, but assure them that legal action will have to be taken.

2. Never let them speak to your child alone.

They will often tell you that this is “procedure”, but it is not. You have every right to remain in the room while they speak to your child no matter what they tell you. A CPS worker has a deeply engrained bias against parents from having seen so many cases of abuse and neglect, but it doesn’t give them the right. You also have a right to video the talk with your child. When interviews are taking place it is always your best defense to have a CPS Lawyer present on your behalf.

3. Only answer questions that are relevant to the case.

Realize “Anything you say can be used against you”. In the event that you are being bombarded by questions, resist the urge to say too much or speak out. You are not required to answer every question and you have the right “to remain silent”.

4. Do not sign anything.

Always have a CPS Lawyer present if asked to sign any paperwork handed to you.

5. Cooperate and don’t lose your temper.

Remember why they are there. Any sign of resistance will only fuel suspicion. Be courteous but don’t be a doormat. Know your rights as a citizen.

Try not to panic. Make sure you contact a CPS Lawyer right away and we can help you move forward and resolve the matter.