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Tyler Attorneys You Can Trust.

Citizens of the Rose Capital of the World have often had to rely on Allen & Thauwald Law, and they have never been disappointed. From incorporation, to lawsuits, to construction, we can attend to every one of your worries with precision and the trustworthiness of an old friend to Tyler. Here are just a few ways we can help Tyler businesses, families, and people.

Even a successful Tyler business can sometimes be on the verge of trouble.

Trouble can be beneficial, like incorporation. Trouble can be mandatory, like taxes. Trouble can be troublesome, like lawsuits. Whatever trouble your business is facing, don’t go at it alone. Let us help you.

Appellate lawyers are there for you when you’re ready to give up.

The attorneys at Allen & Thauwald are not only equipped to help you consider whether an appeal could work to your advantage, but are also glad to help, so contact a Allen & Thauwald attorney today.

Sometimes you get hurt.

Personal injury law can be confusing and traumatic. If your car has just been totaled in the fast lane on the Loop, you may not know exactly what you are entitled to. We do. Don’t risk your rights. Contact Allen & Thauwald today.

Tyler is a beautiful rose, but it’s growing like a weed.

Expansion, though necessary with multiple new businesses popping up all over Tyler, can be harmful to the environment that has been supporting Tyler’s beautiful roses since the 1920s. Don’t accidentally harm the Tyler ecosystem with your construction. Talk to a Allen & Thauwald environmental lawyer today.

For those times when the insurer needs assurance.

When the unthinkable happens, we’re here to help you compensate fairly those who are insured while empowering the insurance company to take care of the community. Talk to a practiced insurance defense attorney today.

Divorce happens, and with it comes work.

When families are broken, unwelcome and challenging situations arise. For almost fifty years, Allen & Thauwald has been practicing family law in Tyler. We can take care of the legal matter of divorce, so that you don’t have that extra stress during a stressful time. Allen & Thauwald can take care of Tyler family law.

The courtroom is a minefield for an inexperienced person on trial for criminal acts.

Who to talk to, what to say, how to say it—this is vital to your presentation at court. You need a Allen & Thauwald criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the rough waters of a criminal trial. Allen & Thauwald knows Tyler courts. Don’t risk your trial alone.

Probate law—you don’t want to deal with it.

And you don’t have to. With the death of a family member or close friend, you should be able to mourn properly, instead of going through the necessary paperwork and research that probate law requires. Allen & Thauwald Law can help you with the legal intricacies that arrive with the passing of a loved one; we can also make sure that your will really embodies your will. Allen & Thauwald is there for you in probate law.


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