Probate Lawyers

Probate Lawyer:

When A Loved One Dies You Need Someone To Help Bear The Load

Need a Probate Lawyer?

The Death of family member or close friend is never easy.

When it occurs, there is suddenly, amidst the mourning and sorrow, a ton of work that has to be done.

This is where a Probate Lawyer can help.

Probate is the court process for proving that your will really is your will and ensuring that your assets are properly distributed to your heirs and creditors.

While you are planning for the funeral and handling all the arrangements that go along with it, a Probate Lawyer can help you with what they have left behind: property, assets, holdings, outstanding debts, etc.

You will need someone who can step in during this difficult time and assist you with:

  • trust planning (including living trusts)
  • asset protection
  • preparing and filing of all documents required by a probate court
  • dealing with the IRS and tax related issues.
  • to handle requesting court permission for various actions as required

You will need someone to make sure that everything is taken care of before you or a loved one passes on. It is crucial because one mistake may set back the executor of the will by months other words, the lawyer will probate an estate in a precise, legal and timely manner.

Our firm practices all manner of probate law and we have the experience to back it up.

If you want to plan for the days ahead and get arrangements made prior to the passing of a loved one OR you are facing those terrible days now; don’t do it alone. Let us help bear the load and assist you so you can focus on the more important matters.