Contract Dispute Lawyers

What Is A Contract Lawyer And Do You Need One?

The main issue over whether a Contract Dispute Lawyer is needed has to do with whether there is an existing dispute over a contract — what is termed a “breach”.

A breach means that a party failed to meet the terms or duties upon which the contract agreement is based. When this happens, lawyers are usually consulted.

There are two kinds breaches:

A Material Breach is when it has to do with the “heart” of the contract. Something so crucial to the agreement is broken and the contract itself is irreparable.

A Minor Breach is just that — “minor”. Nothing crucial needs to be addressed, but the integrity of the contract is still at stake.

Drafting contracts and working with both parties to ensure that even the wording of the documents states clearly “What is expected?” is reason enough to hire a Contract Dispute Lawyer. Sometimes this is all that needs to happen and miscommunication and misunderstanding can be resolved.

In other cases more is needed.

If this is so, you need a Contract Dispute Lawyer to help you resolve the matter. Those who understand and have even drafted themselves countless numbers of contracts for a variety of different companies.

Our team can make this process much easier and handle the most complex issues that often arise during these proceedings.

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