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Dallas Attorneys You Can Trust.

Allen & Thauwald Law knows Dallas, from gorgeous Highland Park and Lake Highlands to trendy Uptown and Downtown. We can attend to every business, every family, and every one of your worries with familiarity of Dallas law and trustworthiness of an established firm. Here are a few areas we can help you in.

Thousands of businesses thrive in the Dallas metropolitan area—but some face difficulties.

Lawsuits, taxes, outside aggressors—even something as beneficial as incorporating your business is plagued with pitfalls that an experienced lawyer can help you navigate with ease. Don’t try to struggle through making your business great alone. Let us help you.

When at first you don’t succeed…

… call Allen & Thauwald Law and talk to an appellate lawyer! We can review your case to evaluate whether an appeal could work to your advantage.

Sometimes you get hurt.

Personal injury law can be slippery terrain. You may not know how to assess your rights and how far your claim should go in the event of a wreck. Don’t risk losing more. Contact a Allen & Thauwald attorney today.

Dallas is constantly expanding.

If you know anything about cities, you know that their growing pains can affect the environment unintentionally. Protect yourself and the Dallas ecosystem by talking with an environmental lawyer about your construction.

Insurance companies provide insurance against life’s most difficult moments, but who takes care of insurance companies during their most difficult moments?

In short, we do and we have–for decades and we’ve been representing insurance companies for decades. So, talk to a practiced attorney today to get the help your company and, ultimately, your client need.

Families are sometimes torn apart; emotional, undesirable, and difficult situations arise.

Allen & Thauwald Law has been practicing family law for almost half a century. Don’t compound the stress and difficulties of a divorce with the worries of the legal intricacies of the event. We’re here.

When you’re on trial for criminal reasons, everyone is trying to attack you.

The courtroom is enemy territory unless you have the right criminal defense lawyer to stand beside you. Allen & Thauwald knows Dallas courts, and we know how to help you. Don’t risk your trial alone.

Death of a family member or a close friend comes with grief, sorrow, and a lot of work that you just can’t do alone.

Allen & Thauwald Law can help you with the legal issues that come with the passing of a loved one, as well as helping you make sure that your own will is legally accurate and really means what you want it to. For help in Probate Law, there’s no better supporter to you than a Allen & Thauwald Law attorney.


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