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Mediation Or Lawsuit? 5 Advantages Of Letting A Mediation Attorney Handle Your Dispute.

When conflict arises people turn emotionally to the law. The term often reached for is “lawsuit”.

There is another way.

Mediation Attorneys are skilled at being able to resolve conflicts as quickly and efficiently as possible — before they reach the litigation stage. Hiring a mediation expert is a wise choice and has many advantages.

1. Mediation is much quicker. 

Lawsuits can be prolonged for years. Mediation Attorneys can help resolve the matter in even as little as weeks or even days.

2. Mediation is less expensive. 

Because the conflict is resolved much faster and the typical court proceedings are avoided, there is much less cost to you or your business.

3. Mediation is more private. 

When a conflict goes to court it is nearly impossible to keep things from “going public”. This doesn’t occur when parties are able to sit down and handle issues in a confidential and more secure manner. Mediation Attorneys can keep tension from rising and matters getting worse.

4. Mediation can help save relationships. 

It is seldom the case, that after a painful litigation process, good relationships are still maintained. When disputes are handled via mediation there is a greater chance that when all is said and done; business partners, customers and associates are able to shake hands as friends.

5. Mediation usually means better results. 

When two parties can reach an agreement the results are almost always better for both.

The Allen & Thauwald portfolio has numerous mediation cases with amazing results. You can be one of them. Call us today for a free consultation and we will get started right away.


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